Husband-wife loves

Husband-wife love: Assalamu Alaikum, welcome to today's post husband-wife love. This post is decorated with how the love of son-in-law or husband-wife should be.

Husband-wife loves

There is nothing better in this world than the beauty of a husband-wife relationship. Allah Ta'ala first created the relationship between husband and wife in the world. Husband and wife complement each other. Husband-wife relationship is based on faith and love. Below are a few words about the relationship between husband and wife:

Husband-wife loves

To the husband his wife is the deposit and to the wife her husband is her paradise. The most valuable thing to a man is his wife. Making your life beautiful is never possible without a good life partner.

A husband's responsibility is to take care of his wife's happiness and well-being. Because he can't tell anyone but you. And a wife's duty is to keep her husband from doing bad things.

If you love and cherish your wife, she will make your life a paradise. Son-in-law and wife are each other's shadow. Without each other's shadow, a person is left alone.

When a husband truly loves his wife, she values ​​his reputation more than his parents. Husband and wife dress each other.

When a husband and wife see each other with love, Allah is also pleased. Because marriage is a culinary relationship. There is no better friend than a husband to a wife and a wife to a husband.

The best wife is the one who spends according to the dignity of the husband. The husband should be so kind to his wife that she prays for him.

Men act as a bridge between their wives and families and if the bridge is weak then all relationships become weak.

The husband must praise his wife. Because this feeling is no less than a property for his wife.

When your wife is sick, it is your responsibility to heal her. Because, he is your deposit. Never neglect.

Be active so that your wife never gets hurt. It is their nature to be arrogant towards girls. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

You can tell your wife everything that is on your mind. Because he is your best friend. You are worth a lot in his life.

If you can’t make your wife the queen of palaces, you can make her the queen of your heart with love. But he will consider your small house as a palace.

Respect your wife's parents first in order for the wife to honor your parents. So that the wife also sees you and becomes respectful to your parents.

A wise wife can never be angry with her husband and raise her voice. Husband-wife relationship is not a competition, it is a love affair. If these two start competing among themselves, they will not be happy.

Good husbands and wives do not play with each other's emotions. It is a happy wife, in whose absence her husband is restless.

Lastly: May the love of every husband and wife remain unwavering. May they be safe, healthy and happy.
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